Nagle College has a committed staff, focused on providing quality learning of all students. 

College Leadership Team
Principal Mrs Delma Horan
Assistant Principal Mr Michael Hall
Religious Education Co-ordinator MAndrew Wilson
Leader of Teaching and Learning
Ms Dympna Reavey
Administration Co-ordinator
Mr Chris Fitzsimons
Leader of Student Wellbeing Mrs Diane Shean
Business Manager Mrs Mary Fairhurst


Year Co-ordinators
Year 7 Co-ordinator Mrs Juvy Reczek
Year 8 Co-ordinator Ms Paula McNeil
Year 9 Co-ordinator Mrs Karen Vasarelli
Year 10 Co-ordinator Ms Natalie Bonaventura
Year 11 Co-ordinator Mrs Gillian Mendez
Year 12 Co-ordinator Mrs Christine Smith


KLA Co-ordinators
Religious Education Co-ordinator Mr Andrew Wilson
English Co-ordinator Ms Josephine Camilleri
Assistant English Co-ordinator Mrs Belinda Di Mauro
Mathematics Co-ordinator Ms Jacqueline Foley
Assistant Mathematics Co-ordinator Mr Bradley Gooley
HSIE Co-ordinator Mr Greg Keith
Assistant HSIE Co-ordinator Ms Rosemary Gurney
PDHPE Co-ordinator Mrs Karyn Tillman
Science Co-ordinator Mr Damian Armitage
TAS Co-ordinator Ms Jacqueline McAlister
CAPA Co-ordinator Ms Verity Cash
LOTE Co-ordinated by the LOTL Ms Dympna Reavey


Positions of Special Responsibility
Learning Technologies Co-ordinator
(Teaching & Learning)
Mr Christopher Fitzsimons
Careers Advisor Mrs Karen Vasarelli
VET Co-ordinator Ms Tess McGlenchy
College Library Manager Mr Ernesto Gutierrez
College Counsellor Mrs Rebecca Gorbach
Teacher in Charge of Sport Ms Ellen Attwood
Debating / Public Speaking Facilitator Mrs Belinda Di Maruo
Peer Support Program Facilitator Ms Natalie Bonaventura
Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator Mr Mathew Wall
Buses Mrs Diane Shean
ESL Mrs Christine Smith
Mrs Roslyn Elliott

Mrs Cheryl Godfrey
Ms Sara Colbran

Digital and Social Media Co-ordinator Mrs Michelle Szymanski


KLA Teams

Religious Education Co-ordinator: Mr Andrew Wilson
Ms Ellen Attwood Ms Natalie Bonaventura
Ms Jenna Boulos Ms Mariel Carlos
Ms Levia Desho Mrs Belinda Di Mauro
Ms Jacqueline Foley Mr Brad Gooley
Ms Rosemary Gurney Mr Michael Hall
Mr Christian Iligan Mrs Sarah Latif
Mrs Rosalie Merchant Ms Angela Penna
Mrs Juvy Reczek Mrs Karen Vasarelii
English Co-ordinator: Ms Josephine Camilleri / Assistant Co-ordinator: Mrs Belinda Di Mauro
Ms Michelle Aquilina Mrs Antonia Barreto
Mrs Belinda Di Mauro Mrs Roslyn Elliott
Mr Ernesto Gutierrez Mrs Rosalie Merchant
Mrs Amy O'Keeffe Ms Angela Penna
Mrs Fay Vaitsas Mrs Christine Smith
Mathematics Co-ordinator: Ms Jacqueline Foley / Assistant Co-ordinator: Mr Bradley Gooley
Mr Jatin Chand Ms Mariel Carlos
Mr Anthony Collins Mr Christopher Fitzsimons
Mr Bradley Gooley Mrs Hala Jibrail
Mrs Juvy Reczek Mr Mathew Wall
Science Co-ordinator: Mr Damian Armitage
Mrs Lynette Anderson Ms Marthie Bruton
Mrs Hala Jibrail Mr Mykel Koller
Mr Anthony Prasad Mr Patrick Sibbald
Mr Mathew Wall  
HSIE Co-ordinator: Mr Greg Keith / Assistant Co-ordinator: Ms Rosemary Gurney
Ms Michelle Aquilina Ms Rowan Bechara
Ms Rosemary Gurney Mrs Emily Handsley-Delves
Mrs Caroline Howlett Ms Erryn Keogh
Mrs Praveena Krishnan Mrs Sarah Latif
Mrs Diane Shean Mrs Karen Vasarelli
PDHPE Co-ordinator: Mrs Karyn Tillman
Ms Ellen Attwood Mrs Kelly Bell
Mrs Gillian Mendez Ms Natalie Bonaventura
Mrs Kristie Leeson Ms Levia Desho
Mr Christian Iligan Miss Jenna Boulos
CAPA Co-ordinator: Ms Verity Cash
Ms Ellen Attwood Mrs Kylie Da Silva
Ms Emily Handsley-Delves Mrs Roslyn Elliott
Ms Rosemary Gurney Mrs Cheryl Godfrey
Mrs Michelle Loevendie
TAS Co-ordinator: Miss Jacqueline McAlister
Mrs Natalie Farrugia Mr Mykel Koller
Mrs Cathy Abela Mr Anthony Prasad
Miss Danielle Karatzis Ms Paula McNeil
Mr Patrick Sibbald  
LOTE Co-ordinated by the LOTL: Ms Dympna Reavey
Mrs Christine Smith
Diversity Teacher-in-charge: Mrs Cheryl Godfrey
Mrs Melinda Goupy Mrs Jennifer Pearson
Mr Ernesto Gutierrez Ms Sara Colbran
Mrs Mellissa Sarmed Mrs Jacqueline Dickson


Support Staff

Business Manager Mrs Mary Fairhurst
PA to the Principal Mrs Alison Bostock
Administration Support and Reception Mrs Helen Mortimer
Finance and School Fee Support
Mrs Karen Garth
Student Support and Reception
Mrs Sue Pobjie
Administration Support and Reception Mrs Sylvia Buttigieg
Maintenance Mr Tom Kelly
Mr George Doublesin
Library Assistants Mrs Tess Sinclair
Mrs Michelle Szymanski
Science Assistant Mrs Jane Pace
Food Technology Assistant Mrs Lulu Toli
Technology Support Officer Mr Jamie Doohan
ICT Trainee Mr Dylan Lavender
Uniform Shop Mrs Vicki Merceica
Teaching Assistants

Ms Jen Pearson
Mrs Mellissa Sarmed
Mrs Melinda Goupy
Mrs Jacqueline Dickson