Congratulations to our new Eucharistic Ministers - Ivana & Alyssa

On Thursday 15th August, our school community celebrated Mass in the College Hall to mark the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. The Feast of the Assumption is a commemoration of our church’s belief that, when Jesus’ mother died, her body wasn’t subjected to the usual process of physical decay. Instead, it was ‘assumed’ into Heaven and reunited with her soul. In his homily, Fr Jack reminded us all that to be truly loving in the way of Mary, we need to treat those around us with continual care and compassion. With this Mass in mind, I thank all of those who contributed so well, especially Ms Erika Aldeguer, Ms Rowan Bechara and Ms Julie Vu, for their terrific collaboration and support, Ms Verity Cash and Mrs Roslyn Elliott, who guided our choir and musicians so wonderfully, and the numerous dedicated members of Nagle Youth United.

At the Mass we also celebrated the commissioning of our new Eucharistic Ministers Ivana & Alyssa.


 2019 Feast of the Assumption 2 New Eucharist Ministers