Year 7 'Being CyberWise'

On Friday June 9, during Pastoral Care Year 7 worked in their homerooms through the #GameOn program. The theme of PC this term has been ‘Being CyberWise’ and this was explored further through a presentation that was given by the College’s Police School Liaison Officer- Senior Constable Amanda Jones. 


Senior Constable Jones spoke to the students about the importance of online security, keeping your passwords a secret, being careful about what you post, the images that you upload and share onto social media platforms and the danger of speaking to strangers online. Year 7 had a lot of questions and I am confident that the lessons they have been learning about on being cyberwise in PC, were reinforced by what Senior Constable Jones had to say.


The #GameOn program can be found online and has links that can be useful for parents and caregivers who would like to learn about the digital environment, as well as keep updated on their children’s technology use. The link provides directs parents and caregivers to iParent and guidance for using safety settings on your family’s web-connected devices, tips for choosing movies and games, and strategies for keeping young people safe online.


I encourage you to use the link provided, have a discussion with your daughter about her cybersafety and to discuss how she can continue to ‘Being CyberWise’. 


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