The Nagle College Library is a vibrant space that houses an extensive collection of both fiction and non-fiction books. In addition, the staff can provide access to a variety of excellent online resources.

Our staff are skilled in the areas of research and resource identification and are keen readers. They are always ready to provide advice about books from a wide variety of genres.

Classes are held in research skills and in addition and students have access to a variety of technologies to support their learning. The Library also holds regular competitions.

Our ICT Support team is housed in the Library and are available at lunch time for technical support.

The Library is a place of welcome. Students can access the Library before school and at recess and lunchtime.

Study Skills

Every Tuesday afternoon from 3pm – 4pm, Nagle students have the opportunity to access extra support from their teachers. Study Skills is designed to provide specific support for learning research skills, completing classwork, homework and assignments. Students can either choose to work alone or ask for help from a teacher.