Congratulations to Denica Brillo on her amazing performance in Lights in the Park

Nagle College would like to congratulate Denica Brillo on her amazing performance in Lights in the Park by Alexander Lee-Rekers. This play was a joint commission by ATYP and Playlab for 14-17 year olds which had its national premier at the Q Theatre 21st-24th April 2021.

Denica played a mean girl, Ash who is trying to be a famous performer but gets more than she bargained for. As part of the process she got to record an original song in a real studio that was part of the sound design for the play, as well as perform it live. Denica also prepared for months for this performance, working with professional directors and designers in rehearsals. She had to go through a rigorous audition process for this opportunity.

Denica said of the production “Being a part of Lights in the Park was more than an experience to grow as a performer but as a person within a new found family. What resonated the most with me was the deep connections with the cast members beyond their characters”

Again, we want to congratulate Denica on her massive achievement as we are very proud of her success and her contribution to theatre society as a Nagle student.